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Mike Reece

Executive Director

The Executive Director provides leadership and vision for our affiliate consistent with the overall mission and values set forth by our Board of Directors.  He promotes and upholds the covenant with Habitat for Humanity International.  In addition, he reports to the Board and is responsible for staff management, internal and external public relations, donor solicitation and recognition, volunteer recruitment and recognition, family selection, budget development and adherence, oversight of the ReStore operations, and ensuring that board policies and goals are implemented by its committees.  The Executive Director is a non-voting member of the Board and Executive Committee, and an ad hoc member of all other Committees.  

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Carol Palazzolo

Office Manager

The office manager manages all administrative, accounting and financial functions of the affiliate.


As the family services coordinator she manages the procedures for the recruitment and selection of homeowner families, the programs designed to support families after they have been selected and the sales of the homes to the families.  

The community outreach coordinator coordinates community events, and manages all volunteer activities. He also handles all digital communications and marketing for the affiliate.

He manages the day-to-day operations of ReStore including planning and organization for the store, managing day-to-day activities within the store and maintaining records.

Oversees all of our building projects, manages all of our construction materials and supervises all construction activities.


He manages all of our construction materials, supervises all construction worsites and maintains all of our affiliate vehicles.

  He coordinates home pick-ups of donated items, and receives store in-store donations.